Connecting youth with employers

Development for career and personal success.

What it is

The Work-Study Program aims to provide young adults from underprivileged economies with on-the-job training, career growth, and leadership opportunities, creating a positive, multi-generational impact on local communities. We connect these individuals with companies seeking low-cost, entry-level employees and offer them a rigorous study-while-you-work program tailored to their needs. This program, combined with a strong support structure and accountability framework, enables rapid growth in skills and qualifications while fostering personal development and leadership capabilities.

Through our initiative, participants receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in their respective industries, helping them navigate their career paths and overcome barriers. As they gain proficiency in their roles, they become valuable contributors to the companies they work for, addressing the need for motivated and skilled entry-level employees. By breaking the cycle of limited opportunities, the Work-Study Program empowers individuals, creates a sustainable positive impact, and serves as a catalyst for long-term change within their communities.

Our Support Team

We connect corporate partners and our highly motivated, hardworking, and diverse remote workforce of young talented employees who are actively engaged in developing themselves professionally and personally.

Job Supervisor

1. Job Supervision and Performance Monitoring: The Job Supervisor oversees the student’s work responsibilities, providing guidance and monitoring their performance to ensure a valuable work experience.

2. Collaboration and Support: The supervisor collaborates with the student, setting expectations, offering training and support, and addressing work-related challenges.

3. Feedback and Communication: The Job Supervisor provides periodic feedback to the Academic Advisor, facilitating effective communication about the student’s performance and progress.

Academic Advisor

1. Guiding and supporting students in their academic journey: The Academic Advisor helps students navigate their academic path by providing guidance, support, and assistance in setting and achieving their academic goals.

2. Monitoring and tracking student progress: The Academic Advisor keeps a close eye on students’ academic progress, ensuring they are on track to meet degree requirements and providing interventions or additional support when necessary.

3. Assisting in course selection and planning: The Academic Advisor helps students choose appropriate courses that align with their academic goals and degree requirements. They assist in creating a suitable course plan to optimize the student’s academic experience.

Online Mentor

1. A mentor provides expert career guidance, assisting students in setting and achieving their career goals. They offer insights on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in their chosen field.

2. Mentors serve as trusted advisors, offering unwavering support for personal and professional growth. They provide encouragement, guidance, and help students develop essential skills and qualities for success.

3. Mentors broaden students’ perspectives by sharing knowledge and insights, while also assisting in expanding their professional networks. They encourage exploration of diverse perspectives and alternative career paths.

With this support system, our applicants identify and create a personalized work-study program to develop their skills and success within your company.

What we expect from our students

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and actively engage in work tasks with enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Effectively manage your time, prioritize tasks, and maintain professionalism throughout your work responsibilities.
  • Cultivate open and collaborative communication with your Job Supervisor, Academic Advisor, and Mentor, seeking their guidance and feedback when needed.