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Our Career Coach

Nina Scurtu is a dedicated educator and career expert who has made it her mission to assist individuals aged 18 to 40 from all over the world in finding meaningful employment and pursuing their desired careers. With certifications in career coaching, career path planning, career development, and career education, she possesses the necessary expertise to guide her students towards success.

At Cumorah Career Services, Nina creates an inclusive and supportive learning environment, where she teaches and mentors job seekers with personalized attention. Through her engaging teaching style and one-on-one guidance, she helps job seekers identify their career goals and develop effective strategies to achieve them.

Her job seekers have achieved remarkable outcomes, securing internships, landing entry-level positions, and embarking on entrepreneurial ventures. Nina’s dedication to career empowerment and her expertise in career coaching, path planning, development, and education continue to inspire job seekers to fearlessly pursue their professional aspirations and shape their futures.

Nina is in Top 15 Coaches In Prague

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Our Sessions

What to expect from these sessions

1st Session – Introduction and Goal Setting:

Discussing the client's career background, aspirations, and challenges.

Identifying the client's short-term and long-term career goals.

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the coaching engagement.

Exploring the client's motivations and values in relation to their career.

2nd Session – Self-Assessment and Skills Inventory:

Conducting self-assessment exercises to help the client gain clarity on their strengths, skills, and areas for development.

Identifying transferable skills and competencies that can be leveraged in various career paths.

Exploring the client's values, interests, and passions to align their career choices with their personal preferences.

Analyzing the client's personality traits and work style preferences to identify suitable career environments.

3rd Session – Exploring Career Options:

Researching and discussing various career paths and industries of interest to the client.

Conducting informational interviews or networking activities to gain insights into different professions.

Assessing market trends, demand, and potential growth areas in the client's desired industries.

Evaluating the alignment of career options with the client's skills, values, and goals.

Narrowing down potential career options for further exploration.

4th Session – Developing a Job Search Strategy:

Reviewing the client's resume, cover letter, and other job search documents.

Providing guidance on tailoring the client's application materials to specific job opportunities.

Developing an effective online presence, including optimizing the client's LinkedIn profile.

Exploring job search strategies, including networking, online job boards, and industry-specific resources.

Providing tips on preparing for interviews, including mock interview practice and answering common interview questions.

5th Session – Action Planning and Follow-Up:

Reviewing progress made towards the client's goals.

Identifying any barriers or challenges encountered during the coaching process.

Developing an action plan with specific steps and timelines to achieve the client's career objectives.

Providing guidance on maintaining motivation and momentum in the job search process.

Discussing potential resources and next steps for continued career development and growth.